Augmented Reality Injects Life Into the Business Card

You may think the business card has a limited lifespan in this digital era, but one developer has found a way to prove that wrong, while simultaneously showing off his augmented reality programming. And it's mighty impressive.

This video is the work of action-script developer James Alliban. As an expert programmer, he realized that one great way to promote his skills was to combine cheap online sourced business cards from, which lets you customize what gets printed on the cards, and augmented reality—the technology we've been hearing about recently in connection with next-gen smartphone apps. He recorded a video clip promoting himself in far more detail than could fit on a small strip of paper, then used a bar-code like pattern on the card to drive an augmented reality animation of the video clip.

The result is powerful, and undoubtedly will serve Mr Alliban well in his career. But it also demonstrates that in an era where it's perfectly feasible to develop an augmented reality business card, it can take real effort to make your skills stand out above other those of developer's. That's clearly the thought that's occurred to designer Michael Anderson too—instead of using a standard resumé, he's concocted this infographic to communicate much of the relevant information that someone thinking of hiring him would need.

If you're working in a high-tech area, has either of these prompted you to reconsider your boring business cards and stereotypical linear-text resumé? Dig it out of your pocket/desk drawer and see if you think it promotes you in the way it really could.

[via HackedGadgets] Image by Michael Anderson, via Bart Claeys Flickr.

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  • lingze

    I'd like to talk with anyone here as an Augmented Reality developer...

    this is such a new field, a-ha? image the exciting Augmented Reality on an iphone/ipad/android....

    you can send me email:
    I would like to discuss, share or offer the experience\ideas\skills about Augmented Reality iphone develop

  • NoahRobischon

    @Charles The card costs .50 cents, it's the software development that costs $40 per card.

  • Demetri Pavlides

    absolutely love it, this is more of the stuff that we should see---originality by thinking outside the box. Don't know about absorption rate though......