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LG Chocolate's Screen Secret Revealed: Cinema Ratio Widescreen

LG has been teasing an update for it's Chocolate smartphones with glossy teaser shots. But that wasn't enough for one Web site, which uncovered its secret: The screen.

LG ChocolateAccording to it's not going to be run of the mill at all. In fact, it's a stonking 800 by 344 pixels on a cellphone. And that equates to a 21:9 aspect ratio, which stomps over the aspect ratio of HDTVs, and is pretty much cinematic in its scope. Remember that Philips recently touted a new design TV that had the same shaped display? The LG won't have the same pixel count, of course, but it hardly matters on a tiny device you're supposed to be slipping into your pocket.

Is this an appalling excess, or a sign of the way things will go? Hard to say, until the phone gets released into the wild. And while those extra-widescreen pixels could be handy for watching movies as the director intended, if you've got the movie file on a PC you're likely to have just the standard 720p or 1080p HD version, not the full-on widescreen. We know precious little else about the phone, apart from its sweet looks and that it'll likely be running LG's own operating system, an Obigo browser and could have a 5-megapixel camera.

[via Gizmodo]

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