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Independence Day

fireworks2 Happy birthday, America! A 233-year-old needs a lot of candles, and for the fireworks industry, July 4 is Christmas. Over the past decade, the sector has almost tripled to nearly $1 billion in yearly revenue. But not everyone wants you, the consumer, to celebrate with a bang. A few of these fine united states -- including Fast Company's home state of New York -- still ban retail fireworks sales. Everyone else, shoot off a bottle rocket for us, will you? -- Zachary Wilson

Sat, July 04
Independence Day

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  • Manjit Syven Birk

    Mo, the American Pyrotechnics Association provide a full summary of State Laws at the following URL: The PDF at this site took a long time to download, so a state map is available at the following URL for direct access: The chief question of tomorrow will not be how people can get their fireworks but how people will be getting their fresh water. M.

  • Manjit Syven Birk

    I only wish Thomas Paine had written at least one pamphlet about the common sense behind the worship of any "moneyarchy" but what he did write is always worth reading and revisiting. If this particular sector has boomed to over one billion dollars over the last decade, hopefully there will be as much acceleration also in reading, fully appreciating the American Revolution's original heartbeat as there is in proliferation of perchlorate rockets that bring sound and light to celebrate this great day of declaration. What Thomas Paine adds to this day is an authentic spirit, in an age where the authentic may still make their way to a paupers grave, but at least the celebration of his meaning avoids the resounding gong and clanging symbol of the increasingly cosmetic, the promotion of the superficial and those who have become intoxicated with new empires of the mind, rather than the mind of the people. I think it is also interesting that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both passed away on the same day of celebration, and that is what Independence Day means to me, the rediscovery of all of this underlying meaning. M.