Five More Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface

In May, we brought you a list of 11 full-featured applications tailor-made for Microsoft's interactive table computing platform, Surface. With so many talented development teams hard at work on Surface, we missed a few—and the new crop is even better. Here are five more must-see apps for Surface.

XRay by Stimulant
XRay is a photo app for Surface that mashes up with Apple's iPhone. Put an iPhone on the table, and any image on Surface will be transmitted onto the iPhone screen in real time.

DaVinci by Razorfish
DaVinci is an experimental app that allows users to draw and manipulate objects using a real-world physics engine to simulate movement.

Genesis by Phenomblue

Created by Phenomblue specially for South by Southwest, Genesis is a 3-D app that allows viewers wearing special glasses to create virtual galaxies with mere swipes of their fingers.

Music Quiz by Ergonomidesign
Music Quiz is a six-player game for Surface that lets a whole group compete in their knowledge of songs, bands and singers.

BMW Product Navigator by Vectorform
The BMW 7-series configurator allows potential customers to build their own BMW on-screen at any participating BMW dealership, and export their design to an external USB drive along with spec sheets, video and photos.

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