Would You Live in a Shed?

Shed by FKDA Architects

Downsizing to a shed may seem like a drastic step to take in a resource and financially-strained climate, but U.K-based FKDA Architects is hoping you'll do just that. According to FKDA, the prefab shed idea came as a response to increasing reports "of people being forced from their homes unable to make their current mortgage payments, and turning to live with family, in garden sheds and even cars." 

FDKA's micro-home, built from FSC-certified wood and insulated with cellulosic fiber derived from recycled newspapers, is hardly a garden shed. The so-called shed comes with a skylight, radiant underfloor heating, energy-efficient appliances, ample storage space, LED lighting, and optional solar photovoltaic and hot water heating systems. From the looks of it, FDKA's shed is just as nice as a standard studio apartment—if not nicer.

The shed comes in two options—the 24-square-meter big shed ($57,554-$82,220) and the 13-square-meter little shed ($32,888-$57,554). With energy costs practically taking care of themselves, the cost-efficient shed could be ideal for homeowners looking to bring in additional cash from renters.

Shed by FKDA Architects

[Via Inhabitat]

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  • Robert Jackson

    80k is not a reasonable cost for someone who has lost their home. We need solutions that are affordable. This is to high priced.

  • Lindy Carlo

    It doesn't sound that appealing living in a shed but comparing one shed to an other could be like comparing day with night. This shed looks really cosy! We bought a wooden playhouse for the kids this summer http://www.tigersheds.com/prod... which they love. I guess they would love to have a shed like the one above placed in the garden when they get older!