A Peek Inside a Saudi Prince's $485 Million Flying Palace

Steam room? Check. Concert hall? Check. Garage for Rolls? Check.

Custom Airbus A380

It's a long flight from Saudi Arabia to Le Cap d'Antibes or Monaco or London—what's a Saudi prince drowning in petro-dollars to do? Buy a custom flying palace naturally, so that no moment passes without the comforts of home.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud spent $485 million on the custom Airbus A380, with interior and amenities designed by British firm Design Q. Now, courtesy of the Daily Mail—which previously brought you a sneak peak at Obama's limo—we've been treated to a tour of the prince's flying mansion.

The plane usually seats 600, but lots of room had to be cleared for various perks. Naturally, there's an on-board garage, so that the prince can be driven right to the threshold of of the airplane's elevator. After arrival, he can retire to his master suite—one of five with king-size beds, and computer generated prayer mats which always face Mecca (one must always be humble); up to 20 extra-guests have to make due in sleepers that are the equivalent of first class.

But the real insanity begins elsewhere on the plane's three floors: There's a concert hall that seats ten and has a baby grand piano; a boardroom with a holographic projector; and a full-size steamroom. The most entertaining perk is a "Wellbeing Room" which has a floor upon which is projected an enormous image of what the plane is flying over—thus creating a "magic carpet" effect.

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  • Ahmer

    It is his money and nothing to do with so called Muslim Ummah. If I had that much money I would also have such plane

  • Azadahamed64

    ahmer i am with u,  u are very correct,  alhumdulillah, along with this he might be doing a lot to the poor muslim ummah as well who knows,  without complete knowledge of a person's character its useless to comment or judge about,  allah knows better

  • Jamal

    none should have problem because this is his money he can use it any way. But helping the poor is also important so i think ALLAH will give him hidaya :)

  • Carl E. Mott III

    Well you see, in the USA (like in many nations) where there is lots of wilderness, the B.L.M. or we the people own the wilderness collectively. So when they find oil in these vast wilderness regions and decide it is environmentally sound to extract the natural resources the profits are paid to OUR government, BUT in a kingdom such as Saudi Arabia the royal family owns the country, NOT the people, so they divide it all up for their personal profit and their 'subjects' get nothing....

  • ابن اسحاق

    thats not true! Saudi Arabia sales the Oil, the revenue is used to build the country (infrastructures ...), pays the people (salaries, social insurances ... etc) because 90% of the Country revenues are from the Oil, they dont apply Taxes like in USA!not all princes are richmany princes are runing their own Business, so they actually dont need the Oil money!not only princes are billionaires, but alot of people are millionaires or billionairethe Prince Alwaleed is almost independent from the royal familyprince Alwaleed runs one of the hugest world wild charitable foundation! http://www.alwaleedfoundations... need to understand how are things work in the Arabic Kingdomsthe are not like the European (in the mittle age) -> Let King lives and let people Die!

  • wajeed ullah khan

    at a time when muslim world especially palestine's people  faces many problems, the saudi prince spending  his time in making money and lavish life. He should support the poor people and  thank the almighthy allah for giving the opportunity to serve the under privalaged

  • dhammikakumara

    wow.....what a way to wast money........millions of people dye everyday without water and foods...specially in the african region .he spends 500k dollars just for his entertainment..

  • travis

     I might just DIE from your stupidity. DYE is a coloring tool. DIE is the mortal form of leaving your body after death. 500k is 500 thousand dollars, while this is $500 million. Learn english and go back to second grade you uneducated prick.

  • Sameer Alibhai

    Not everyone speaks English as a first language.  You gotta give the guy credit for trying at least