Terminator Salvation: What You Missed So Far


Ever since director McG graced the cover of our May issue, we've been preparing for the Terminator Salvation invasion (which begins tonight in theaters) with a series of articles, videos and slideshows. Here's a cheat sheet for finding all of our coverage. But be warned: there may be spoilers ahead, and we have still more yet to come.


Terminator Salvation: Making of the T-600

Terminator Salvation: Making of the Hydrobot

Terminator Salvation: McG Video Interview Behind The Scenes

Terminator Salvation: McG Video Interview Part 2


Hollywood's Rogue Mogul: How Terminator Director McG Is Blowing Up the Movie Business How McG (yes, that's his name — he directed the new Terminator movie) evolved from bubblegum auteur into a tinseltown killing machine.

The Business of Terminator The original Terminator film had a budget of around $6.5 million, but pulled in $78.4 million, offering a 1,200% return on investment that is still the best in the franchise.

Rebooting Terminator: McG on the Genesis of 'Salvation' The Terminator franchise was played-out by the time McG was approached to resuscitate John Connor's adventure. Before taking up the challenge, he went to "kiss the ring" of director James Cameron.

Rebooting Terminator: What It's Like Directing a Blockbuster There are 400 people on the set, 500 more back at the studio counting on you to make a $200 million movie that will excite people enough to buy a ticket at the theater. How do you handle the pressure?

The Terminator Economy: Passion Comes First McG talks about what he shares in common with Shaun White, Seth MacFarlane, the Google founders and Bill Gates.


Rebooting Terminator: McG on Making 'Salvation' More Than Spectacle McG aims to move the Terminator franchise beyond pure movie-making spectacle by asking deeper questions about what makes us human. "The whole film is really an exploration regarding what is it that makes people willing to sacrifice themselves for other people," he says.

Terminator Tech Isn't as Far-Off as You Think Since first used in World War I (yes, even back then), robots have become an increasingly useful tool on the battlefield.

Is Google Terminator's SkyNet? In a word: Yes. In fact, in some ways, it's even smarter.


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