Best Buy to Enter the Electric Bike Business

ultra motor a2b Consumer electronics chain Best Buy revealed in February that it plans to sell the $12,000 Brammo Enertia electric bicycle in California stores, but the retailer hinted last week that it will actually sell a range of electric vehicles. Speculation has been heating up since then about which vehicles will be sold, but it turns out the answer has been available for over a week in an obscure source--Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

The site claims that select Best Buy stores will sell six models of Curry Technologies' Izip electric bike, with prices ranging from $499 to $2000. Best Buy will also begin to stock Ultra Motors' A2B bikes priced somewhere around $2,600. Initially, the bikes will be available in 20 locations, but Best Buy says that the roll-out might be expanded in time for Christmas--essentially launching electric bikes into the big time.

Best Buy confirmed months ago that the in-store Geek Squad will perform "level one" repairs on the Brammo bike--perhaps the Squad will also work its magic on other electric bikes in the store.

[Bicycle Retailer via Autobloggreen]

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