Sign of the Times: Ford Transforming SUV Assembly Plant Into a Small Car Plant

Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant Ford Motor Company is spending $550 million to turn its Michigan SUV plant into a small car plant for the fuel-efficient Ford Focus. The plant will eventually manufacture the 2011 battery-electric version of the Focus as well.

The 52-year-old Michigan plant has been a mirror for trends in the auto industry, manufacturing station wagons, SUVs, and now electric cars. But when production of the Focus begins next year, 3,200 jobs will be created--something that decidedly bucks current auto industry trends. In addition to converting the Michigan Assembly Plant to a small car factory, Ford is also converting the Mexican Cuautitlan Assembly and the Louisville, Kentucky Assembly into small car manufacturing plants.

Ford's battery-electric Focus contains a high-voltage electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The vehicle, which is part of Ford's plan to produce four electric vehicles by 2012, can be charged in any 110-volt or 220-volt outlet. Ford is also working on a Transit Connect battery-powered commercial vehicle for next year, a 2012 plug-in hybrid, and something it calls "a next generation hybrid vehicle", also scheduled for release in 2012.

[Via Ford]

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    Its also a turning point in auto industry.Its a environment friendly car....

  • Michael Jameiosn

    We've needed to go in this direction for a long time now. We've been seriously lagging behind Europe and Asia in this respect.
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  • nils wecker

    all car makers must think for the future. it becomes simple for none.


  • Lexus Lambert

    Ford is the only one US car manufacturer that performs well nowadays, especially under bad economic. So, I guess Ford might have a great plan to stay in business somehow.

  • Shibi Glen

    I support the idea. We all have to learn to drive smaller cars, environmentally friendly vehicles. In Europe they drive small efficient cars and they are doing fine.
    Bill - silver and gold professional