12 Terrifying Pieces of Furniture That Will Give Your Children Nightmares

Fancy a desk that looks like it's puking its guts out? You're in luck! Plenty of the world's most buzzed-about designers will happily sell you furniture that will make your children cry. Here's some of the most terrifying designs in recent memory:

From the back, Jason Miller's Wooly Chair looks like it's just been covered in an alpaca throw...


...but then you see it from the front, and there they are, staring at you...THE EYES:


This chair by Jurgen Bey sports what must be a record-setting tumor:


This bed, also by Bey, would go perfect in the home of Hannibal Lecter:


Of couse, our man Lecter likes memorializing his kills. Ergo, this coffee table, with an interior that looks like the splatter pattern at a crime scene:


We weren't kidding about the puking furniture. Nacho Carbonell's "Skin" line has an elastic coating. Simply remove all the chairs innards, and you've got a handy cubby hole:


Poor Nacho. Much like Dr Frankenstein, he's doomed by his creations. Here, he's apparently been swallowed alive by this settee:


Next to a childhood spent torturing animals, this rocking chair by David Pompa is probably a decent indicator of serial-killer tendencies:


Um, remember the dead grandma in Psycho? With a little help from Hannes Grebi, she's got a comfy replacement for her rocking chair. Scream all you want. There's no one around for miles:


This psychotic, ravenous frog apparently crawled out of Hella Jongerius's studio, and won't relinquish its territory on top of this table:


Perhaps if you're keeping a gimp in your basement, you might consider this hammock, by Bless:


So it's the year 2100. You're watching your holographic TV, munching a Soylent Green sandwich. The natural world is a distant memory, which only appears as a furniture pattern on this couch by Gaetano Pesce:


Also in 2100, the world is rife with genetic experiments gone wrong, such as these human/animal hybrids that pose as furniture before slurping your brains out with a straw:


Sleep tight!

[With apologies to Dezeen and Design Boom]

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  • LaZBoy

    What an interesting organic approach to take when creating this furniture. Very creative - thanks for sharing.

  • Isa Plinduma

    lol - that's really the worst furniture-collection I've ever seen! But the hammock is really cool! Try to find something similar...

  • Ali Bakar

    Wow.very funny,amazing and awesome furniture pieces.Perhaps I never saw these types.I m not sure but may be Belgian Furniture would have some beautiful designs.

  • Ali Bakar

    Wow.very funny,amazing and awesome furniture pieces.Perhaps I never saw these types.I m not sure but may be Belgian Furniture would have some beautiful designs.

  • Dave Brown

    I applaud innovation. More than that, I actually think we desperately need it. But innovation desperately needs to be tempered with good taste. Unless of course you just want to scare kids or sell to celebrities.

    That's ok, tho - these innovations are much better than what we typically see in US big box furniture retailers that are pumped out of chinese factories for a buck...

  • Temperance Davis

    RE #2: Old Fashioned Crocheted Chair Avec Tumor:

    That ain't a tumor. That's the Python What Ate Grandma.
    See the happy and satisfied teeny weeny fork-ed tongue at the front?

    Damn. You think people would know their furniture and herpetology.

  • Cliff Kuang

    @Tyler---Ha, yes, I agree that I would love to have some of this stuff. Maybe. But cumulatively? Terrifying, I think.