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10 Biofuels Companies You Need to Know About

When I became involved in the American Biofuels Council three years ago, the push for biofuels was at its highest point in the technology hype cycle. Now, in Arizona, under the aegis of the Desert Biofuels Initiative, a non-profit social venture advancing sustainable regional biofuels, companies in the state are collaborating to produce and sell real products.

As everyone knows, after every hype cycle is the disappointment: in the case of biofuels, that disappointment came from soaring world food prices—due to the diversion of corn and soy from food stock to biofuel, and the concomitant grain shortages and rise in prices. Falling swiftly into disfavor, ethanol and soy-based biofuels declined in popularity, and the entire midwest suffered job losses.The same media that hailed biodiesel as as means to energy independence derided it as consuming more energy in its production than it saved, and causing the global poor to head for starvation.

But all biofuels are not made of food stocks. At the 2nd Annual Desert Biofuels Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, I heard about biodiesel companies making fuel from many different non-grain sources. Many of them are already successful; others are starting in the unique collaborative, open source environment provided by DBI.

Here's a summary of companies that presented today, although not all of them.

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Companies
1.Arizona Biodiesel, makes B99 biodisel from waste restaurant grease. Its CEO,Dan Rees, believes the biofuels industry was founded to be local and use local waste materials. He believes biodiesel should use local resources to benefit the local economy and benefit the local environment.

2.Amereco Biofuels Corp. was developed to meet the standards for soy diesel. Its plant is geared for 15 million gallons a year. All its products are made from recycled ingredients.

Algae and Jetropha Companies:
3. Biofeedstocks Global LLC, a startup, is planning nursery operations to plant jetropha in Arizona, and is in R& D working with a closed loop algae system.

4. Algae Biosciences, part of the Northern Arizona Center for Emerging Technologies, produces algae in contaminant-free salt water aquifers near Holbrook, AZ, where there's a pristine salt water aquifer from a long-dried up sea!. The company is producing a wide range of products, of which algae-based biodiesel is a byproduct.

5. XL Renewables, in Casa Grande, AZ. is a renewable energy innovation company focused on the large-scale production of algae biomass and the development of integrated biorefinery projects

6. Energy Derived is dedicated to the development of energy efficient algae production systems for the creation of algae-based biofuels.. Their goal is to have every farmer grow an acre of algae and produce his own fuel. Apparently, drying algae is a relatively energy-intense issue; the company has attacked that problem.

7. Diversified Energy Corporation is a privately held company specializing in the advancement of a series of promising alternative and renewable energy technologies, including a biofuels conversion process that can take any renewable oil and produce transportation fuels that are physically and chemically identical to petroleum, and an algal biomass cultivation system that is scalable and economical.
8. PetroSun - is an example of a company that originated as an oil and gas exploration company, but and went from there into using microbes for cleanup and enhanced oil recovery, and from there into bacteria and algae as sources of fuel. By no means a startup, they have a million acres of land leases in Arizona and New Mexico to cultivate algae for biofuels.

9. Desert Sweet Biofuels is another company that has changed its focus. It will use the facilities and work accomplished by Desert Sweet Shrimp to pioneer the husbandry and production techniques required for the economic production of algae Biofuels and biodiesel. Involved in aquaculture for 14 years, the company managed fields in Ecuador, and has switched to Arizona because of its warm dry climate, perfect for growing algae.

10. My personal favorite, although perhaps not the biggest investment opportunity: Verde Biotrailors, which produces pre-engineered mobile biofuel processors that can be located on a job site, handle smells and spills better than a processor located in a building, and can be cleaned up at a car wash. The units sell for $12,500 and bring biofuel processing to the people.

Some of these companies are not startups by young people; I'm also seeing a group of middle-aged scientists trying to commercialize technologies they've been working on for years out of true conviction. There was so much energy around the Workshop that I can't believe there isn't more support for these obviously important companies.

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  • Mohammed Shaheed

    Dear Mr.

    This Mohammed Shaheed from EPSCO, we are producing the bio fuels (Bio diesel & Bio ethanol) with best quality , bio Fuels helps to make our environment green without pollution & We know that your country always ahead in the preservation of the environment So please contact us if you are interested my products

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  • Mohammed Shaheed

    Dear Mr.

    This Mohammed Shaheed from EPSCO, we are producing the bio fuels (Bio diesel & Bio ethanol) with best quality , bio Fuels helps to make our environment green without pollution & We know that your country always ahead in the preservation of the environment So please contact us if you are interested my products

    My Email :


  • Jaygatzz

    Mohammed, changing the way of the petrol world into a strictly electric world would be a very tasking job. Can you say that Bio fuel can be the alternative, and if so why?

  • catalin.popa09

    Are you interesed tu buy rape seed from Romania? email:

  • akin

    there so many plants and even karnel nut in my country to produce biofuel but we don't use them because we are a fuel producing nation,you always come to my country for more product my email

  • Richard Shelton

    Too many drawbacks with "biodiesel"  A new twist on feed stock availability, cost and type of feed stock.  I am working with a scientist that has developed a process that uses a feed stock that the plant owner gets paid to accept.  It cost only .25 cents to produce one gallon of "transportation diesel" not biodiesel.  Also the feed stock produces its own processing energy.  No third party fuel is needed.  To have the first demonstration plant to prove the procss the scientist is willing to provide the initial consultation and design work for conversion of an existing biodiesel plant.  Most of his compensation will be from royalties.  He insist the conversion can be done for a fraction of the plant cost.  If you need more information please contact Richard Shelton 618-398-4493. 

  • Anika Tasneem

    hello MR. shelton..can i plz get more information about the scientist who developed such an amazing process?..plz e mail me at

  • Allan Hsieh

    Hi Richard
    I am Allan Hsieh from Taiwan and I am very interested to know more information about biodiesel from you. Please email me for further discussion. My email is :

  • Kevin Ohannessian

    Thanks everyone for your comments. The more information about biofuels and clean energy we can put out there, the easier we can make the transition from traditional oils to cleaner energy.

  • John Hulsey

    We have started recycling grease trap waste collected though our environmental business. We are making a brown grease suitable for further refinement into biodiesel. It has been a steep learning curve but we are keeping a tremendous amount of waste out of the landfill.

    Hulsey Environmental Services, Inc. -

  • Klaus Ruhmer

    Excellent summary of an excellent event. I attended the Desert Biofuels Summit and found it to be great. Very nice format. Very valuable information.
    As far as the "10 Biofuels Companies You Need to Know About", I would add:

    10.a) BDI-BioDiesel International AG:
    A biodiesel technology company who builds tailor-made biodiesel plants around the world. BDI plants are multi-feedstock capable with the ability to convert up to 100% Free Fatty Acid into fuel. This enables the use of true waste feedstock such as Brown Grease, etc.
    Info at

  • Gregory O'Reilly

    The Desert Biofuels Initiative's (DBI) open source approach is already playing an important catalytic role in technology and innovation facilitation and economic development. DBI is well-positioned to beneficially impact sustainability initiatives in Arizona, regionally, nationally and internationally. I strongly encourage business, government and the investment community worldwide to pro-actively participate in the Desert Biofuels Initiative.

    Gregory O'Reilly | GEO-Consult |

  • John Agno

    Not meant to sound too corny, I agree that not all biofuels are made of food stocks. However, the bigger question is how best to convert dirty/grainy biofuels and solar sources into clean energy. The external combustion Stirling cycle engine is perhaps the best solution. This low noise, low emissions and low vibration engine's multifuel/multiheat capabilities and high potential efficiency is just waiting for an refined oil thirsty world to dry up.