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McG's $2 Billion Machine

After getting his start making music videos, McG has built an increasingly diversified — and bountiful — revenue engine.

mcg on set


More than 50 videos helped sell 100 million records ($1 billion) for acts such as:

the offspring Sugar Ray, Barenaked Ladies, Cypress Hill, Everclear, Korn, Offspring, Smash Mouth, Sublime, Wyclef Jean


The O.C. ($10 million in records sold)*
Pussycat Dolls ($60 million)
Charlie's Angels ($30 million)



Sugar Ray ($10 million)




The O.C. ($184 million; now in syndication)
Chuck ($70 million)‡
Fastlane ($44 million)
Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll and Girlicious ($36 million)
Supernatural ($208 million; now in syndication)

charlie's angelsCURRENT PILOTS

Human Target
Thunder Road



Charlie's Angels I & II (worldwide gross: $523 million)
We Are Marshall ($50 million)
Terminator Salvation
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo (2010)
Spring Awakening (date TBA)


sorority foreverWeb

"Sorority Forever"
"Terminator ARG"

*Estimated at $10 per copy. ‡Show values estimated at $2 million in revenue per episode and do not include syndication fees.

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