Terminator Salvation: McG Video Interview Part 2 and Exclusive Serena Pic

As promised last week, here are more goodies from our exclusive Terminator: Salvation cache. In part 2 of our interview with Terminator: Salvation director McG, he discusses the balance between animatronics and CGI, and how to seamlessly blend the two in a believable way. That process begins with an artist's rendering, like the skull-shattering spoiler! image of Serena, below.

Stay tuned next week for a full gallery of images from our behind-the-scenes tour of Legacy FX, formerly Stan Winston Studios.


Update: Sorry folks, it turns out that the image posted here was not fully approved for public consumption. But have no fear, there is more to come.

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  • Adimof Al

    I remember the first Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Good old days, now everything change. Movies are not the same. Too much SF, too much Drama, not enough fun. Anyway I watch online movies.

  • kevin o'neil

    The first two editions of terminator is quite OK. Third one also not very bad. But this latest release is bit disappointing. The quality which had in the first two releases seems to be lacking in the terminator salvation. Let's hope that it will come good in the next release.
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  • rakesh gupta

    Salvation is clearly aimed at a younger audience than its predecessors. The carnage is surprisingly bloodless, there’s virtually no cussing and several scenes were clearly conceived with one eye on the PlayStation. Not as interesting as its predecessors.

  • mel gibson

    I am not impressed about this movie at all. More machine than movie. Sleek, human-like but ultimately cold steel and unfeeling. I think director could have done something more than that to make it more interesting for the viewers.
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  • Sarah Tincradi

    Terminator Salvation is Bleach type movie where it tries to protect John O Conor while the other Terminator tries to kill him. This movie give the impression of good and bad motives of Alien and Human cultures.

  • nimbus chopra

    There are loopholes in the movie. It boasts impressive setpieces that provide eye-popping visual scale, but the story badly lacks scope that the film feels small and, ultimately, inconsequential.
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  • Sarah Tincradi

    I've watched all of the Terminator series which came from early 90s. I just loved them. After Arnorld stop his acting Terminator series went down. Can we propose them to come with with a good actor and keep the terminator alive?

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  • hayes katy

    As in the previous two movies, there is, along with the extreme violence and destruction, a lot of wit in the proceedings. Personally I don't often watch movies on such caliber. Nevertheless it is entertaining...
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  • rajat mishra

    I am not very interested about this movie. Though the set design, action sequences and special effects are very good to great, it's hard to think of Terminator Salvation as anything other than a wasted chance.

  • divya bharath

    An at times directionless plot and some one-dimensional characters (one actress is simply around to appear pregnant it seems), but loads of action and loud explosions. You weren't expecting more than that, were you?