More Google PowerMeter Details Revealed


Green geeks have been abuzz over Google's PowerMeter, the search engine's first foray into the smart grid industry, since it was announced this past February. Up until this point, we've only had a few details to work with, but now Google PowerMeter team member Tom Sly is tossing a few more bread crumbs.

Previously, we learned that the PowerMeter software takes information from smart meters and puts it online for homes to analyze and that internal testing has already begun. Google also recently revealed its confidence in the software. According to Google spokesman Jamie Yood, the search engine estimates that people will cut around five to 15% of their energy use just by having the information.

And now we know that PowerMeter will likely be released by the end of the year. In an interview posted today by Earth2Tech, Sly also revealed that Google is working with device manufacturers to produce a tool that mimics a smart meter—meaning people who only have standard electrical meters can still use PowerMeter.

Google won't, however, limit itself to working with one device manufacturer. "We don't do exclusive deals. We want to work with all meter manufacturers, device manufacturers," says Sly.

As with almost all Google products, PowerMeter will be free to the public.

Check out the full interview with Tom Sly below.


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[Via Earth2Tech]

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  • Robb Henshaw

    With PowerMeter, Google is validating the valuable role of energy monitoring in empowering end users with the information they need to take control of their personal energy consumption. I work with Fat Spaniel Technologies (, and we absolutely support Google’s stated principle that “open protocols and standards should serve as the cornerstone of smart grid projects” (from their blog). Last year we announced the industry’s first open energy monitoring solution – the Fat Spaniel Insight Platform™. We believe that in order to provide users with a complete energy solution, it must be an open platform that can monitor all devices and systems and distill the data into usable information. As such, Fat Spaniel will extend its open, standardized interface to Google’s PowerMeter once it is publicly released. We currently provide the monitoring technology for more than 2,000 renewable energy plants across 17 countries today, and we think that Google’s validation of the energy monitoring market will help spread the technology for adoption across all energy systems universally.