Shaun White's Dream House: Every Surface Built for Skateboarding


If you're a fan of MTV's Cribs, you've probably seen one of the several episodes featuring skateboarders like Tony Hawk or Steve-O, of Jackass fame. Hawk had a half-pipe built in the backyard; Steve-O settled for a bootleg minipipe in the living room. But thanks to the so-called Ramp House, you can scrap all those efforts as quaint and half-hearted.



Designer Athanasia Psaraki, of Archivirus Architecture and Design, was tasked with creating a "skateable habitat" and she did just that, erecting ramps and bowls for nearly every structural element, rather than just walls and columns. Shaun White, I think we've found the architect for your dream home. More pics at AR Plus.

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[AR Plus via Coudal]

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