Book Freshener Adds Some Real Life Smells to Your E-books

Electronic books are all the rage, and they're improving in leaps and bounds—they're definitely one future for publishing. But there's an inescapable fact about the devices: they simply aren't real books. They don't have the look, the feel or the paper pages, and they don't have that new book smell. Until now.

That's because you can now get hold of the Book Freshener. Think of it as a handy gadget version of the famous pine tree you hang from your car's rear-view mirror. Instead of masking the plasticy odor of your car interior, it adds back the missing "new book smell" of a real paper book to your e-book using a chemical derived from Nerolidol (a naturally-sourced material used in perfumery).

As the company's PR puts it numerous studies point out the importance of the scent quality of physical objects, so giving e-books the smell of a real book may even improve the sales of the devices. You can also get the Book Freshener in lemon and leather scented versions too, but that'll be down to your individual taste.

Sadly the Book Freshener isn't out in normal retail shops yet, and you have to email the company to get pricing. But you may want to do that today.

Update: Here's the unboxing!

[via Product]

Happy April 1. Thanks to Dean Markadakis for creating the real fake book smell freshener.

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  • Rose Semenas

    I would like to purchase a large amount of the book freshener, new book smell.  Can you tell me how to go about this? 

    Thank you.
    -Rose Semenas