Rides Like A Bike, But Folds Like Origami


You've got to hand it to Mark Sanders—a couple years back, he completely rethought the folding bicycle, producing the Strida, a triangular-framed wonder that looks gimmicky but rides like a dream. Now, he's taken another go at the task. But the new, so-called IF MODE looks nothing like the Strida, and it works completely differently.


Usually, bikes have a double pronged fork in the front, for holding the front wheel, and double pronged rear stays, for holding the rear wheel. The IFMODE just has single arms supporting the front and back wheels; these are on opposite sides so that the bike can fold together into one slim package. And when folded up, there's a handle so that you can roll the bike along rather than lugging it, as you usually do with conventional folding bikes. It even fits in a suitcase, and has a rubber, greaseless chain that won't muck up your work pants. Preorders are available now, but at $2,579 the ergonomics, style, and bragging rights don't come cheap. Surely there's a cheaper, mass produced version with less-expensive parts on the way?

[Via Gizmag]

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  • Cliff Kuang

    Hey guys---Thanks for the additional information, and Mark, great to see you've been busy since we last talked. I'll be looking forward to your next effort.

  • Lawrence III

    There have been rumblings that Pacific-cycles.com may license the folding mechanism used in their IF series of folding bikes to other major brands. Nevertheless, the folding design is so smooth, easy & intuitive to fold/unfold that Pacific-cycles.com will likely hold off on licensing for at least a year or two.

    As I mentioned in the GizMag story, the IF MODE folding bikes are being produced in very small quantities that are no where near enough to satisfy demand. I still have a couple in the May shipment that are currently available; however, the wait list for new MODE bikes will be quite long by mid summer.

    Larry Lagarde

  • Mark Sanders

    Thanks Cliff - yes this is the 'range topper' of folding bikes from Pacific-cycles.com - it aims to be an ‘ambassador’ to attract early adopter, non-cyclist’s into folding bikes, and into cycling generally. It has the same DNA as Strida .. ie roll - never carry, except with full sized wheels - and a 3D mechanism that turns those wheels into 1 wheel for rolling .. plus a handle.

    There are lower cost versions too ... IF Cross and IF Reach, which use the fold mechanism in more conventional frames.