Let This Be a Sign: Artist Shawn Wolfe's Blistering Commentary on Consumerism

Seattle-based designer Shawn Wolfe has built his career on cheeky and subversive work for MTV, K2, Sprite, Capitol Records and Old Navy. But at the heart of his self-initiated artwork is a critical and highly entertaining survey of consumerism. As he described his focus at the Y Conference this weekend: "Consumerism is how we choose what we wear or what we eat," he said. "There's no way of escaping it, but being aware is a good thing." His carved wood signage plays on some of his favorite logo; here are some of our favorites.


Whole Foods


Microsoft Xbox




Burger King



You can check out more of Wolfe's signage at his Web site.

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  • Sheena Medina

    What's he saying about Whole Foods? That people who shop there are obese? Or is he just saying that there are too many overweight people that don’t pay enough attention to what they eat, and therefore should shop at Whole Foods (where people care about what they buy, except for the “trendy” shoppers)?

  • CK Lin

    very interesting entry, it really is true that we cannot escape consumerism, it has seemingly become embedded in our daily lives..

    way of the innovator