IKEA's Leko Is a Carpooling Service, Not a Flatpack Car

lekoIkea is introducing an online car-sharing service in conjuction with Comuto, the French ride-sharing company behind Covoiturage.fr, for 26 IKEA locations in France. Last week, we reported that IKEA would enter the eco-friendly car market, a rumor that was met with both skepticism and hopefulness. But now Isabelle Cremoux-Mirgalet, a spokeswoman for IKEA France, has officially spilled the beans.

This isn't IKEA's first car-sharing venture. The company already works with Carsharing.at, an Austrian site that provides vans to IKEA shoppers who are members of the Denzel Mobility ride-sharing program. It's possible that the French IKEA scheme is similar, and provides vans to car-less shoppers to take their purchases home. If that's the case, I hope IKEA brings the Leko plan to the United States. It would undoubtedly be popular with all of us public transportation-happy citygoers who crave Billy bookshelves and Aneboda wardrobes.

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[Via NY Times Wheels Blog]

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