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Intershelter Portable Geodesic Dome Provides Disaster Relief


For those times when a tent or trailer just won't cut it, consider the Intershelter, a Buckminster Fuller-inspired geodesic dome made of a "a high-tech aerospace composite material" that has the strength of a permanent home but the mobility of a tent. The dome's fiberglass panels, windows, and door can be bolted together in hours. Intershelter's 50-year life span and ability to withstand 40 feet of snow and 160-mile-an-hour winds make it perfect for emergency relief, quarantine shelters, and military bases all over the world.

The austere dome is also surprisingly high-tech, outfitted with a SolCool hybrid air-conditioner powered by solar panels or vertical wind turbines that uses moisture from the air to provide up to 3 liters of fresh drinking water each day.

The $14,500 price tag makes the Intershelter less than ideal for casual buyers, but we can think of at least one non-emergency  situation where the desert wind-defying dome could be useful: Burning Man.

[Via Green Inc]


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