Idea Factory

This excerpt from Gilroy's Duplicity script sets the scene for a big speech by one of the movie's rival CEOs about why innovation is no longer good enough.


HOWARD TULLY pulling that carfully folded SHEET OF PAPER from his jacket. It's a speech, his final draft, handwritten and perfect. And as he spreads it before him, we —


A most serous conference room. Full Corporate Strangelovia. The big oval table. The up-lighting. "Generals" at the table, each with a little plaque designating their command: PHYSEC — TECHSEC — OPSEC — HUMINTEL — TECHINTEL — COUNTERINTEL. Each director with their Senior Staff in position behind them. Maybe thirty people in the room.

CLAIRE sitting with BAUER behind NED GUSTON. All eyes on —

(from the folded paper)
Why are we here? Because it's no
longer enough to have the best ideas
or the best manufacturing or the best
pipeline to deliver your product...

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  • Geoff Vuleta

    Gilroy’s tart “triple-game” plot is good fun, but omits the third innovation engine: innovation consultancies.

    Internal R&D operations like Tully's get blinded by familiarity; his Alabama M&A strategy advances present thinking. But if he really wanted to get to game-changing ideas that are big, doable and fast to market, he'd skip the espionage and seek the strategic injection of commercial creativity that solid innovation consultancies offer.

    Perhaps for the sequel, Tony.

    Innovation consultancies are the true secret weapon, not spies.

    Smart corporations today sidestep espionage, seeking instead the strategic injection of commercial creativity that full service innovation consultancies offer.