Interstate 5: The Alternative Energy Highway


Highways are currently dotted with gasoline fueling stations, but the highways of the future might be surrounded by alternative energy fueling stations . The first green highway may not even be that far away from reality, as the governers of Washington, Oregon, and California are mulling over a plan to outfit the Pacific Northwest's Interstate 5 with a series of alternative fuel stations from the Canadian Border all the way to Mexico.

The governors envision a revamped highway corridor with spots to swap or charge electric vehicle batteries, as well as stations for biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, and compressed natural gas refueling. Fueling stations and swap-out docks along the 1,382 mile "BC to Baja Green Highway" would be the first businesses allowed to operate at rest stops, and would not be charged rent until turning a profit. 

Fuel station contracts haven't yet been signed, but Better Place CEO and electric car cheerleader Shai Agassi has met with Washington governor Chris Gregoire about a potential partnership.

If approved, the green highway project could begin as early as this summer--just in time for the glut of electric cars that will hit the market in the next few years. 

[Via The Seattle Times]

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