The Best of Toy Fair 2009

More than 100,000 toys flooded New York this week for the Toy Industry Association's annual Toy Fair. We scoped out the new products and here's what caught our eye.

Green Dollhouse with furniture

Green Dollhouse
Eco-friendly toy manufacturer Plan Toys has the right idea: Teach kids sustainable living directly through toys. The Green Dollhouse, made of recycled wood and non-toxic glue, comes with eco-friendly features, like a solar panel, wind turbine, and rain barrel for collecting rain, so kids start learning about renewable energy at a young age. It retails for $240 ($190 without furniture) and will be available in March.

Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter
Remember Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo? Well, here's a tangible version: charge a 3-D duck atop a water-gun-like pistol for 10 seconds before tossing it in the air and firing. Just three shots from the infrared gun and it's "dead." Interactive Toy Concepts' shooter ($30) hits toy stores in May.


Think inline skating meets skateboarding—and if your ankles aren't already quaking, hop on to a set of Orbitwheels. These large wheels rotate sideways around each foot (and the 1 to 2 hours it supposedly takes to master the custom move will guarantee some funny pics). The buckle-less, strapless, 5-pound sports gear retails for $120 and will be in stores this summer. For those who can't wait, they're available online now.

Smiley Central Studio
Young Internet-junkies can take the first step to self-branding with this free emoticon-builder by Techno Source and Mindspark Interactive Network. An accompanying line of plush dolls come with codes to unlock additional features like hair ribbons and sunglasses. As the animated smileys spread, each is tagged with the creator's name. The website will go live in June; dolls available this fall ($4.99-$9.99).

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  • Haewon Kye

    I'm digging those recycling bins in the Green Dollhouse. This is why Plan Toys is by far my favorite toy brand.

  • Tina Belina

    The best product at the Toy Fair was actually not even a toy!. The TickleMe Plant Greenhouse contained everything you need to grow the REAL Plant that MOVES when you Tickle It! The leaves instantly folded and even the branches fell down when Tickled! It even flowered at the show!.
    They showe how you can now easily grow the TickleMe Plant indoors anytime of the year. You can also order the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse on line at I am highly recommending it for all my clients. It is a must have must grow plant