When good news is good news: A Hudson River plane crash in a recession

It's been almost a month since newly wikified Chesley B. Sullenberger III (one of the guys in the attached photo, don't mind which) executed a perfect duck dive. And unless cross-haired by a man in a tweedy peaked cap, ducks always end up bobbing right side up ...

The media have been harping on and on – and on - about it. After the third day I started getting flustered with the repetition - the pilot made a safe water landing. Isn't that why they get paid the big bucks? Isn't that what the laminated seat pocket card is all about?

After the third week and now talk show appearances, I'm only just starting to understand why it's still headline news: in a recession like this, good news is grrrrrreat news.

This is opposite to normal mass media conditioning. We're bludgeoned into believing that bad news isn't just good news, it's the only news. Recession, Madoff, Gaza ...

Now that the media is as full as an egg of bad news, could it be resorting to shocking us with ... good news?

Is this the Obama effect? Even before he plonked himself down in the chair, his conciliatory manner, "kind eyes" and at least verbal commitment to change bathed us in a wide ray of hope. And change ... who hasn't noticed an increase in black actors and newsreaders*?

As usual, the media can't help itself. When it's not delivering bad news, it's trying to keep churlishness at bay:

"A woman in a fur coat asked another passenger if he'd go back into the slowly sinking plane and get her purse."

Oooooh! What if that fur was as fake as the vest I got at a TK Maxx blowout?

I'd like to be a video-toting fly on aircraft cabin walls right now, recording how many laminated seat pocket cards are being pulled out, studied intently, studied some more, even before butts hit seats and overhead locker fights break out. For once, it will be read more than the SkyMall catalog with its pet iguana ottoman for $39.95 plus shipping ...

What good news can you bandy about to counterbalance our teetering economy?

The Galfromdownunder says, create your own good news to help counter the negative effects of this recession. Here's a video of her successful landing in Manhattan traffic on a folding bicycle. Everyone survived – believe it or not.

* I say "black" with intent - the last three times I said "African American" I was told, "But I'm Jamaican"

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  • F.A. Iannotti

    I would agree that the press lives off bad news, which to my mind is part and parcel of the old business model that is tanking now. The reasons for "old media" to crater are that print is going the way of the passenger pigeon plus people are wising up to the incredible far-left spin/agenda of once was known as the "mainstream media" but which is now known as the "dinosaur media." All news media are becoming social media, and the old establishment liberal press is going out of business, fast. (Goodbye, NYT, Newsweak [What is this "We're all socialists now! cover headline?!], TIME, LA Times, etc.)
    Oh. I don't think Obama has soft eyes. I won't get into politics much here, but suffice it to say my opinion of Obama is that he makes Jack Kennedy look like Winston Churchill.