The Most Innovative Companies in Gaming

  1. Nintendo: Serious gamers balk, but the mass-market embrace of Wii and DS has redefined gaming.
  2. Ubisoft: With a 37% sales increase in its most recent quarter (at press time), Ubisoft has sidestepped recession with a mix of casual and hard-core games spread across platforms, including Shaun White Snowboarding and Tom Clancy's EndWar.
  3. Blizzard: Just when you think you've conquered every dungeon, Blizzard hits you with more irresistible battles. The company's World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King shattered the record for one-day PC game sales with 8 million copies sold.
  4. Media Molecule: Its LittleBigPlanet has received acclaim for breathing life into a tired genre with simple controls, an adorable mascot — and a function that lets players create and share their own levels.
  5. Harmonix: The makers of Rock Band one-upped Guitar Hero with a deal to produce a game based on the Beatles catalog.
  6. GarageGames: Its Web site combines the best of 3-D console gaming with the best of the social Web.
  7. Take-Two Interactive: Publisher of the controversial Grand Theft Auto, Take-Two fended off EA's attempt at a hostile takeover and took home the Game of the Year award from the 2008 Video Game Awards for GTA IV.
  8. Microsoft: Xbox 360 continues to outsell Sony's PS3, thanks to exclusive big titles such as Gears of War 2 and a beefed-up Xbox Live with Netflix. And big price cuts.
  9. Greystripe: Storming the mobile world with its ad-supported games, Greystripe boasts more than 110 million downloads of iPhone and Java games.
  10. RealNetworks: By adapting its popular PC games for the iPhone and the Wii — and creating original titles for each platform — RealNetworks has reasserted its importance.




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  • Mirsad Hasic

    I belive that UbiSoft will soon be able to get around UbiSoft when the company makes it possible to purchase their games online with the credit cards and other payment options as well.

  • Allen Wood

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  • Richard Trevisani

    If by "innovative" you actually mean "progressive", then I absolutely agree with this list...
    Innovation implies creating or developing something new; none of the companies listed above have done that recently aside from Media Molecule and perhaps Nintendo and Ubisoft Shanghai.

    A time frame for this list's relevancy would also be nice in order to properly place it in perspective. For example, I would consider Nintendo to have been innovative in late 2006 and early 2007 after the Wii released, but lately, as in the last year or so, they haven't made anything particularly new or impressive.