Gist: A New Tool for Managing Info-Overload


Keeping up with all the people you know, on all the platforms they're broadcasting from—Email obviously, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—has become insanely time consuming. A new service, currently in private beta, aims to fix that.

Gist is an online service that lists all your contacts, and combs through email, social networking accounts, and RSS feeds to create just one line item for each person: What's new with them. It also offers the prospect of being able to do all your homework on someone before a crucial email, meet-up, or IM. Perhaps that's a little creepy. But the fact is that the line between work interaction and social interaction on places like Facebook has been eroding for some time, and managing a half dozen information feeds is only getting more complicated as each individual service improves its functionality. For publicists, journalists, socialites and venture capitalists always looking to keep track of a million people, Gist could be a godsend. For everyone else, it just might make information overload a bit more bearable.

[Via Josh Spear]

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