What is the Smart Grid, Anyway?


Lately, we've been seeing President Obama name-checking the idea of a "smart grid." But what is it? Is it an actual grid or power lines? Or something more futuristic? A brilliant new website from GE is worth a look if you're hazy.

Designed by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in SF, the site explains the rationale for a smart grid, as well as its components. It lays everything out alongside elegant, interactive graphs. Granted, you have to recognize that GE isn't exactly a disinterested source in the matter, but they've done a great service by communicating an amorphous concept in such a well-designed format. Check it out.

(If you're impatient: The Smart Grid is a sprawling concept that entails a lot of technology. Major components would make our country's power network better at communicating system demand and supply, and better able to transport renewable energy from the hinterlands where it'll be created to the cities where it will be used.)

[Via Today & Tomorrow]

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