A Bike Lane that Rides with You

Design concepts are a dime a dozen, but every once in a while you see one that seems too good not to be real. One example: The Light Lane, which allows any bike rider to project a traffic lane around them.


If you've never ridden a bike in a city, the idea's brilliance takes some explaining. Though many cities, including New York, have right-of-way laws for bike riders, drivers ignore them, treating bike riders like traffic cones. (That's one reason why urban bike riding remains so dangerous.) Bike lanes dramatically improve the situation, but they cost up to $50,000 a mile to install.

The light lane finally allows bike riders themselves to right the situation, using a cheap lasers to project a lane around the rider. Of course, it only works at night, but the idea goes a long way towards fixing a major obstacle in making bike riding more mainstream in cities, and it doesn't require any fancy tech.

[Via GOOD]

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  • Cliff Kuang

    Thanks for reading Dave---That's a great idea. The only dilemma I'd anticipate is that it would probably double the price of such a product—taking it from simple laser pointer type tech to image stabilization stuff would up the costs quite a bit.

  • Cliff Kuang

    Hi David---Thanks for reading. But not sure I get you, in re: overuse/abuse. When would bikes getting demarcated space be a bad thing? Obviously, you wouldn't want bike riders riding five abreast on a road, but they don't do that now and a lane marker wouldn't exactly encourage that. And also, what's wrong with bike riders demanding legally given space to ride? It seems to me that cars are a far greater danger to bikes, than visa versa.