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Women in Tech: The Bloggers

11 of the Web's most talented writers.

Heather Armstrong

Best known for getting fired for blogging about her work life, Armstrong coined the term for the experience: "dooce." Now she's the model for mommy blogging, writing with humor and candor about her battles with depression, being a former Mormon, and, yes, the rugrats. Apparently, honesty puts food on the table too.

Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone

Once, all bloggers seemed to be white men. BlogHer's directory of 2,200 (and counting) female bloggers has proved otherwise. It's also a community, the prime mover behind the first big conference for women bloggers, and developer of an ad network of targeted blog affiliates.

Shai Coggins

Co-owner of one of the largest blog networks, she is an influential blogger in her own right.

Justine Ezarik

Some 20 million viewers watched her invent lifecasting, in real time, in 2007. Now one-half of the duo of the AT&T promotional series "Lost in America," she has become more than just an Internet celebrity—she's a branding expert.

Anastasia Goodstein

Marketers flock to Ypulse, the most comprehensive daily read on youth and pop culture, to better target gen Y. Offline assets: a hot book (Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens Are Really Doing Online) and annual conferences in Boston and San Francisco.

Arianna Huffington
The Huffington Post

The political wonk's news site has more than 2,000 bloggers contributing to it.

Xeni Jardin
Boing Boing

A cross between Marilyn Monroe and a pocket-protector geek, Jardin has driven the eclectic blog about everything cool on the Web to 11 million page views a month.

Helen Philpot and Margaret Schmechtman
Margaret and Helen

Best friends for 60 years, Philpot and Schmechtman started blogging to keep in touch after retiring to different parts of the country. Then, during the election campaign, their authentic observations on life, love, and Sarah Palin went viral, earning a quarter-million fans and the adoration of virtually the entire political blogosphere.

Corvida Raven

The 21-year-old communications major employed tools like Twitter to garner the attention of the technorati—and land a gig at The Industry Standard.

Aliza Sherman
Web Worker Daily

In 1995, Sherman started Webgrrls International, the first woman-owned, full-service Web company. These days, she writes for Web Worker Daily and has three popular blogs of her own.

Gina Trapani

She went from writing code to writing one of the highest-trafficked (25 million monthly visitors) technology blogs ever. The go-to online manual for geeks, Lifehacker is now a book, subtitled "88 Tech Tricks to Turbo-charge Your Day."

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  • Jill Finlayson

    Social Edge is proud to be home to Kjerstin Ericksen's blog Forging Ahead. She shares her story of starting and scaling Forge Now, a social entrepreneur venture empowering refugees in Africa. Her story of radical transparency and the struggle to survive in trying financial times is gripping and a great source of learning for other social entrepreneurs.

    Social Edge is also home to Samasourcing, a new blog by Leila Chirayath Janah, a former management consultant who decided, after stints at the World Bank and various NGOs, that the development establishment wasn't for her. She is a self-proclaimed junkie for instant gratification and feels that the lag time between a policy shift or a large infrastructure project and increased income for poor people is unbearable. She launched Samasource to help poor people sell their services to a global client base.

    Follow both of these woman on Then join in the discussion about Women in Power, see video interviews with powerful women, and find opportunities to empower women during this special week on Social Edge.


  • Jorli Baker

    Thanks for this wonderful collection of women bloggers! I have one more to add to this list - Mary Hall's Recessionista blog (http://therecessionista.blogsp...). Lately, more than ever, we could all use some tips on how to get great deals and discounts on shopping and dining! I've found it to be a fun and useful site.