These Cars are So Green They Should Be Recycled Immediately

The need to produce eco-friendly automobiles that run on a mix of sunlight, garbage, and cold fusion have given concept car creators license to imagine all sorts of misguided, albeit cool creations. Here are six green concept cars that are either going to change the world or end up in the compost heap.



Steer clear of hungry panda bears—and other cars—in this 130 lb electric vehicle made entirely of bamboo. Able to travel 30 miles on a single charge, making it the fastest bird nest in history. When finished using the Bamgoo, simply recycle it into wood flooring or one of those side tables they sell at West Elm.

Mazda Kiyora

Mazda Kiyora

Thirsty? The water channels in the roof of the Kiyora collect rainwater and then filter it so that you never need to stop for water on those long road trips (just urinate into a big plastic jug, sold separately). After it breaks down, recycle the chasis to a country housing some of the 300 million people without access to potable water.

Antro Solo

Antro Solo

The Antro Solo is a gas-electric-human hybrid. Solar panels in the roof help charge the battery during the day, but at night, you and two friends use the built-in pedals to speed away from pursuers. And you will need two friends if you plan on getting anywhere, because the gas-electric motor is not going to be lightweight. When the Antro's curvaceous design becomes outdated, simply strip it down and turn it into the bicycle it's yearning to be.

Phoenix Concept

Phoenix Concept 2

Along with a wind turbine, the Phoenix uses kinetic "regeneration systems" to keep rolling. The kinetic axis located in the center of the car draws energy from the natural movement of the car. The underlying science is derived from the same technology used to light up dance floors. Drop in a funky beat and the mileage will take you higher.

Bentley Senses

Bentley Senses 2

Nothing wrong with a car that uses algae for fuel—airplanes are going vegetarian too. But Bentley's Jell-O mold reject here is controlled using a set of reins, the sort you'd use for a horse. Which begs the question: why not just use a grass-powered horse to get around?

Helios Concept

Picture 8

This rugged electric off-roader is inspired by the Australian frill-necked lizard. When stationary, the car's upper surface windmills out and reveals a huge solar array that gathers battery power. Of all the oddball green automobiles on this list, the Helios may be the most ingenious—for NASA's next trip to Mars.

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