Gary Hustwit's "Objectified" [video]

Gary Hustwit's documentary about the ubiquitous Helvetica font was an instant classic for design geeks. He's now turned his lens on process behind product design in "Objectified." Above is the just-released trailer. In the film, Hustwit interviews some of the world's best designers, including Jonathan Ive, Apple's design demi-god; Naoto Fukasawa, whose brilliantly simple and clean works, like the CD-player he did for Muji, have become nearly synonomous with Japanese haute design; as well as the big-wigs at IDEO and Smart Design (which is best-known for designing OXO kitchen tools). The film gets its world-premier in March, at an event TBD.

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  • Fred Collopy

    I enjoyed Helvetica and welcome this broader look by Hustwit. Helvetica's appeal reached beyond design geeks. John Ewing, who runs the Cleveland Cinematheque told me that it was his most popular film last summer and among the most popular documentaries he has shown.