Motorola Renew Leaked: Ditches Style For Eco-Credentials

You know, those leaks showing Motorola's 2009 impressive-looking Verizon line-up actually had me thinking Moto had turned a corner: Then this leak about the Renew turned up and changed all that.

Destined exclusively for T-Mobile it's a "green" phone, with a reduced environmental impact compared to the average cellphone—which is, in many cases, an eco-nightmare of different chemicals and over-packaging. As the PR spin puts it "Exclusively from T-Mobile, the environmentally responsible MOTO W233 Renew is uniquely designed to reduce environmental impact by using sustainable materials in its design and packaging while at the same time delivering performance and quality customers rely on."

And that sounds all very well and good: We all like high performance and quality, and the rumored built-in MP3 player, RDS FM radio, and CrystalTalk technology all sound acceptable. And I'm sure we'd all sleep better in our beds thinking our new gadget didn't damage the world so much. But there's one problem with the Renew: it's fugly. And, to top it off, this low-endish phone is actually painted green.

Seriously guys at Moto and T-Mobile, if you want to sell a phone on its eco-credentials, and turn heads in the notoriously style-conscious cellphone market and get punters buying enough of your product to turn a profit—or turn your business around in Motorola's case—then it can't look like this. If all of those sharp-edged funky designs we saw before had been sold on their environmental niceness then it would've been infinitely more impressive.

Still, if green-ness alone is your thing, it's due February 4.

[TmoNews via BGR, and Mobile88]

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