XP Just Won't Die, So Microsoft Sorta Gives Up On Vista

While Apple is busy trying to protect its current-generation operating system, Microsoft has been trying to kill off its elder one. Windows XP use has rumbled on far longer than Microsoft would've wanted (original termination was scheduled for January 2008) thanks to poor reception of Windows Vista. And now Microsoft has caved a little further, and extended the deadline for incorporation of the OS into new PCs from original equipment manufacturers until May.

An earlier extension had allowed manufacturers of netbooks to add XP to their machines until 2010, but desktop manufacturers had to move to installing Vista. But with Vista's successor due mid-2009, and continued image problems dogging the OS, it looks like Microsoft has all but thrown in the towel.

Windows 7 will debut sometime shortly after this new extension, meaning that manufacturers who've previously had to install Vista with a "downgrade" option to XP can simply skip to the new OS.

PC users everywhere will have to hold on to one great big hope: that Windows 7 lives up to its hype, and is actually a worthy new OS that doesn't suffer the list of woes attributed to Vista.

[IOL Technology]


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  • Robert Holtz

    Microsoft: The CUSTOMER is ALWAYS RIGHT. Stop trying to force Vista down everyone's throats. Regardless of how you feel about Vista technologically, the brand hurts you. It is like Edsel. Shed the name VISTA asap. The Mojave Experiment should not have even been an experiment. You should have shed VISTA long ago and repackaged it as Windows XP Mohave. XP is regarded as the most solid version of Windows ever. Just like MacOS X was the turning point for the Mac and they won't shed the X even though they are WAY past version 10 at this point. USE your XP branding which has equity with your user base and "feels" to consumers as the most solid reliable version of Windows. Use the XP the way Apple uses MacOS X Leopard - Windows XP Mojave. You should never have done it as a test. You will fail again and again trying to tell customers you're smarter than they are at choosing the brand they trust... even if you actually are. Windows 7 will suffer the same fate. Take a lesson from Coca-Cola -- take your lumps and refer to the brand that has the most equity - that is XP. The product should be called Windows XP 2.0 or Windows XP 2009 or Windows XP Greyhound (start using big dogs the way Apple uses big cats). 7 by itself means absolutely nothing and shedding the XP letters will be perceived as MISSING the XP part since predecessor products had that naming convention minus the XP. This is the first time I gave this much free advice on an open forum. I hope you will take it.