Foxit's eSlick Is The Cheapest E-Book Reader

The Kindle may be good, if aging, and Sony's Reader may be groovy yet expensive, but Foxit's upcoming eSlick has a killer advantage over both: its price. Sneaking in at a launch price of $229 makes eSlick nearly half the price of Sony's $399 e-book reading machine.

And it's not far off being a third cheaper than the full-price Amazon Kindle at $359.

The device has a 6-inch 600 x 800-pixel reflective screen, is roughly the size of a "medium-sized paperback," weighing about as much as a 200-pager, and is about 0.4-inches deep. And it's made by the same people who put together the Kindle, and it has the same kind of auto-repagination when you resize the text. It'll charge over USB or via an adaptor, and a single charge will give it 8,000 page turns thanks to the power-sipping display. It's got 128MB of its own memory, but supports SD cards (it comes with a 2GB one), and it plays MP3s.

There are just two shortcomings: it hasn't got wireless connectivity, so you have to physically mate it to a computer to upload content, or plop your days reading material on an SD card to port it across. And since it's not tied to a distribution service like the Kindle is, you have to choose and convert your content to PDF, or go and search for and download e-books from a separate source.

And frankly neither of those is a big gripe, so the eSlick sounds like a winner. Out January in grey, black or white for $229 online, later becoming $259 in general retail.

[PCWorld via Gizmodo]

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  • tom armstrong

    people -PLEASE!!-yea know what pisses me off!!-Many years ago -the ebook reader came was simple cheap and did what it said-allowed you to load numerous ebooks and read them-and really that's all I want!-don't need wi-fi-or subscriptions or many of the other expensive add-ons-just let me-load PDFs text,docs and other word formats and or pictures(color perferred) and read them.This would come in handy,if say I was trying to learn to use a high graphics program,like Maya,3ds Max,Lightwave,etc,I could load,them in using a Memory card or say directly using USB.Price-no more then $50-all the cheap tech is there -just build it!!

  • Riat Ramadani

    I agree 101% with Tom. I couldn't say more. I just need to read PDF and optionally Word, and that's it! 50 Dollars and no more!

  • david wayne osedach

    This is good competition for Kindle and Sony. Get the price down to $100 and offer wireless connectivity and they will have a big winner.