The California carmaker has already delivered some 50 $109,000 two-seat Roadsters, but has put off plans for a $60,000 family car.

The Prius maker is developing a plug-in version to hit the U.S. market by 2012. Test versions have had electric range of under 10 miles.

Chrysler showed three plug-in electrics in September: a Chrysler minivan, a Dodge, and a Jeep. It intends to produce one of them in 2010.

CEO Carlos Ghosn wants Nissan to be the first big carmaker to sell a zero-emission car in the U.S. It' s testing a Renault-based prototype.

In China, BYD - Warren Buffett is an investor - plans to roll out the hybrid F6DM by the end of 2008, followed in 2009 by the all-electric F6E.

It's a standard-sized Mini Cooper, with only a few tweaks: the backseat has been replaced by big lithium-ion batteries charged by AC Propulsion, and the purely-electric car runs completely silent on the road.