Project Aiko: Bring In The Fembots! [video]

Inventor Le Trung from Toronto, Canada has built the perfect girlfriend, a female robot named Aiko (whose name means love child). She can even clean house and respond to touch, and that's not all..

To advance the field of AI, Trung is reported to have spent two years and $21,000 to build Aiko, who will fight back if you squeeze her too tightly. She can also be reconfigured to simulate an orgasm.

New video below (Fembot Aiko getting poked at Ontario Science Center)

[via The Inquisitr | video via Project Aiko]

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  • Carol North

    It's obvious Trung Le took his idea and the design for Aiko from my book, Love's Reflection, which was published earlier this year. My robot, Alpha, is even more intelligent and talented than Aiko, and a lot better looking. She, Alpha, is fully capable of passing the Turing Test.

    I may have to sue the guy for infringing my copyright.

    Carol North