Downsizing Is Dangerous for Morale, for Productivity — and For Lawsuits.

If we have a policy of constantly hiring, then all employees would be top performers. A healthy garden doesn't allow weeds to grow while we sit idly by and wait for the plants to take their place. "Rightsizing" should consistently be the order of business.

Twenty percent of your staff is producing 80 percent of the work. If you keep raising the bar by constantly hiring, then your top 20 percent can grow. Imagine a department or company where all of your employees are top producers.

A downturn in the economy only accelerates the need to do pruning that should have been done long ago. Each recession produces its share of winners and losers. While it may be too late for this recession, the preparation for the next one begins now. There is a plethora of talent out there waiting to be the flowers in your garden. So don't continue to water the weeds.

We teach those in our employ to know what to expect. If they don't see marginal employees continuing to be rewarded by employment, then the expectations for their performance will be clear. When we look away and allow less than optimal employees to persist, the standard is set.

When constant pruning becomes a way of running your work/life it thereby reduces your exposure to potential discriminatory lawsuits. Employees see that there is constant interviewing (not just an event) and constant pruning (not just singling out). Psychologically your employees are always on their toes.  

Great people want to belong to great organizations. By regularly trimming your shrubs, you will grow stronger employees and healthier companies. You may never have a downturn in your business because ALL your employees are TOP PERFORMERS.





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