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Dishing with the 2008 Masters of Design

Marcel Wanders talked about the fairy tale that informed the design of the new Mondrian Hotel in Miami, and the fear he has to face down every time he begins a new project. John Maeda spoke of design's hidden return on investment—its impact on an organization's human resources.

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  • Manjit Syven Birk

    Even with video it is very difficult to get into the heads of master designers because language is a barrier to grasping their creative neurons. I grasped two things from Maeda which I liked and which I mashed up as design is disciplined difficulty for a return on inspiration (which is what I alluded that Maeda was referring to in his explanation of ROI). Apart from that moment, I found it difficult to peer into Marcel Wanders head and that is where I could not penetrate beyond the words. Here I don't think you can grasp design by looking at someone's images, I think you can best grasp design by looking at a designers love for their work. To get a designer to express their love would allow me to peer into a designers head, and that is best done without an interviewer, by simply putting great designers into a four way seated compass and then just let them trade off on each others energies, where the chief facilitator is ignited passion itself. If that had occurred I cannot begin to imagine what I would start picking up in six minutes of such design minds in full emotional flow (to channel creative return on inspiration). . . M.