Civic Ventures: Silicon Valley Encore Initiative

President: Marc Freedman

In the not-for-profit sector, the severe shortage of managers is estimated to grow to 640,000 by 2016. Among baby boomers, there's increasing interest in "encore careers," especially in not-for-profits. Civic Ventures wants to "help supply and demand find each other," says Marc Freedman, president of the group, which is sponsoring this program to ease the transition for retiring Silicon Valley professionals through mentoring and, yes, internships. The first class of fellows, from HP and Agilent, will be placed as early as January.

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  • gil tapia

    This is a great concept. I was hired on for a company that required the new employees to get a sixteen week degree for employment. The company was involved every step of the processes with almost a 100% hire rate after graduating. Transition into any new position is hard really like to read up more on this.
    Gil Tapia