Al Gore's Investment Tips

Gore's op-ed in the New York Times details seven companies, technologies and industries to take us into the new energy era.

Yesterday Al Gore published a mega-op-ed in the New York Times outlining the necessary steps to address the climate crisis, energy independence and the economic crisis all at once. This is a message we've been hearing from many quarters recently—call it the New Green Deal. Gore, who's been whispered about for Energy Secretary in Obama's cabinet, mentioned several specific technologies and industries that  have been covered here in Fast Company—for those that haven't, watch this space. Here are the elements of Gore's plan and the associated articles.

Solar thermal— Stirling Solar;

Wind farms from the Midwest to Texas— T.Boone Pickens;


Smart electric grids, efficiency and demand response— IBM, Local Power;

The smart garage plug-in hybrid system— V2Green, Cisco, Nissan, GM;

Building efficiency and energy retrofitting—LEED, Architecture 2030

and finally, carbon markets.

An investment Gore doesn't want to see? Clean coal. Despite the TV ads you may have seen, the former Vice President and Nobel Laureate calls the technology "imaginary."

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  • Forum Troll

    I disagree. We can only restore our economic stability through the use of thought out and strategic slavery. I'm speaking strictly on a social scale. It's imperative that we rid ourselves of the burden that is seeing the poor out in public without purpose. We need to harness this untapped resource. By enslaving the poor we can provide ourselves with a rich and renewable resource. They reproduce at an alarming rate. Why not use this pest to our benefit. Why use gas when you can use slave power. I'm certain 200 slaves can carry my vehicle to where i need to go.

    Also lets not forget, slavery virtually rids us of "unemployment".

  • Yeves Perez

    I happen to strongly agree with Al here and these topics where the top discussions on of Nov 5th club meeting, "What's Next For The Green Economy??", as we fielded tons of questions from Green Investors all over the country, Canada, and the UK.

    One of our panelists, Scott Edward Anderson (CleanTech Investor and Social Capitalist), sincerely agreed that optimism should be displayed at this time of new leadership... However, my name is Yeves Perez, and as someone who speaks for Green Investors everywhere, I think he (Obama) needs to display “wisdom” and focus on the big 3. The Big 3 are in real deep trouble and may not be able to continue this long tradition of making cars in the US. Period! One (of the 3) may have to go down and the rise of a green player to replace the fallen may need to be his biggest move! If I was an advisor to President Obama, I would encourage him to not bailout anyone-else (excluding the middle class) and focus on transitioning from the traditional economic giants to investing in the new green giants! I said this year:

    “I happen to deeply agree with the wisdom of Tom Friedman (that we cannot consume of way out of this mess and “Have you ever been to a revolution where nobody gets hurt?”). The fact is that the current economic conditions will cause a lot of companies to close their doors (websites too), and they will die off altogether due to lack of understanding the competitive (innovative) landscape. Just look at Detroit and the Big 3 for example! Those that will fight to stay alive will need to figure out — What’s Next?

    I believe that the New Green Economy will include the Rise of Green Real Estate Markets paired with the continued success of Cleantech, Clean Energy Markets, and large scale shifts toward Clean Transportation, and the Greening of the IT Industries (plus a fourth quarter of record investment!!), which will lead to a boom in “American Made” Green Collar Jobs and the creation of new wealth. The trick is: “who will get it right??” Execution makes all the difference for most of these opportunities and green investors need to pay more attention to the items that management claim they can achieve.” - Yeves Perez, Founder of - Nov 2008

    See more on talk on Fast Company:

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