Gen Y and the Presidential Election

World, meet Generation Y. If you weren't aware of them yet, you couldn't miss them on Election Day.

Barack Obama’s victory is the biggest and most inspiring example yet of the growing influence of Generation Y (born approx. 1980–2000) in the U.S. and the world.

I witness this every day when I speak on college campuses and chat with students and young professionals in person, by text message and on Facebook (where Obama has over 2.5 million fans): Gen Y is smart, diverse, energized, socially and politically aware and able to use the Internet to do pretty much anything.

To learn more about how Generation Y took part in the election and helped to influence the outcome, check out the Youth Vote Blog and ABC News on Campus for blog posts, videos, photos and reflections by college students from all over the country and all across the political spectrum.

Of course, no matter which candidate you voted for and which generation you identify with, I think all Americans can be proud today to say:

We just made history.

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  • Lindsey Pollak

    @Carol - Thanks so much for the comment. It will be VERY interesting to watch the growing influence Gen Y has...


  • Carol Frohlinger

    Anyone who discounts the power of Gen Y does so at his/her peril. As you point out, they vote. They also are very aware (and selective) of the kind of workplaces they where they want to be. They may be young but they're savvy!