Toshiba’s Refreshed "Satellite" Packs WiMAX

Now that Sprint [S] has announced its big WiMAX launch in Baltimore, bunches of companies are scurrying to announce products that will incorporate the wireless broadband technology. As of this week, the XOHM network in Baltimore (and a handful of other cities nationwide; the list is growing) will have a new notebook to welcome: the WiMAX-ready Toshiba [TOSBF] Satellite notebook.

The U405-ST550W, as it’s known by model name, not only has a Sony-like [SNE] unwieldy name, but also packs what Toshiba calls the "first ever" WiFi and WiMAX combined wireless module for all flavors of internets. The module, which is codenamed "Echo Peak," arrives inside the 13.3-inch notebook alongside 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard disk. It should be available shortly, but Toshiba has yet to announce suggested retail prices.

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