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The Art of the Pitch

A pitch without passion is NOT a pitch. You must find the core the story and the core of you as an author. You’re selling BOTH!
The necessary ingredients:
1. The perfect logline
2. The heart behind the book
3. An understanding of your reader
7 Questions to help you to get to the heart of your pitch:
1. Does your logline have the five essential ingredients:
a. External conflict
b. Internal conflict
c. Goal
d. Motivation
e. Setting
2. If you had five copies of your book in your hand and I told you to give them to five people who needed them, who would they go to?
3. Why are you the perfect person to write this book? (Use your core values in this response as well as your most personal pain points!)
4. How are readers going to see themselves in your leading characters?
5. I’ve heard thirty pitches today, what is special about yours?
6. If your book was never published, why would it devastate you? (if the answer reflects your own failure, you’ve got the wrong answer!)
7. Why does the world need your book???

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