Video Storytelling Toolkit: Getting Your Company’s Story on Screen

Seen enough videos by now? How can you avoid it? They’re everywhere.

Not only that, you probably feel like you’ve seen so many videos you could easily produce one for your organization, right?

So imagine this.

Management just told you and your team to get a video done for the company. Lots of eyeballs will be on this one.
•    What are you going to do?
•    Where do you turn for help?
•    How does the video process work?
•    Is there a quick reference to help you?

What’s missing is a video storytelling guide.

Clients don’t usually produce videos often so they need a coach. A "story sherpa." A guide to help you discover your organization’s story and capture it on video.

Getting the story out of your head and on to the screen.
To help clients get started in the video storytelling process, I published a 24 page manifesto and collaborated on two other eBooks. All three publications were designed specifically to ignite your imagination and create awareness about the possibilities your organization’s video story can have.

What exactly is the video storytelling toolkit?

I’ll first tell you what it’s not.
•    It is not about how to make a video.
•    It’s not technical.

It is about discovering the power of story.

It’s a series of three eBooks (yes, they're free) that will inspire you to think differently about telling your story through video. By raising your awareness of what’s possible, you can make the right choices to the heart of your story.

Guide #1. ContentWise: Corporate Video 101
•    How do you measure your video’s impact?
•    Do you know how to work with a producer? (featuring yours truly!)
•    Should you hire an in-house producer?
•    How do a craft a basic script?
•    Are you ready to produce your own video?

Guide #2. Ask(?)Way: Take Your Brand from Commodity to Community
•    How do you find and retain talent using the power of video?
•    What is the role of management in the creation of a video?
•    How to use video to expand your community.
•    Using documentaries as a source of inspiration.

Guide #3. ChangeThis Manifesto: Bring Your Brand to Life! Harnessing the Power of Remarkable Corporate Video Stories
•    What are the five myths of corporate videos?
•    10 reasons why corporate videos matter.
•    What are the two biggest dips in every organization’s video?
•    6 ways to make your video pop!

There you go. Your own video storytelling "toolkit." Make sure you download these beautifully designed PDF’s and keep them handy.

You will find these guides helpful and inspirational while providing you encouragement to capture authentic and meaning films for your organization.

What do you think? Is there something not covered in the books that you’d like to see in the future? Did any part of the material spark an idea?

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Veteran filmmaker Thomas Clifford helps Fortune 100's to nonprofits who are stuck, frustrated, losing employees or market share because they can't breathe life into their brand story. He believes remarkable organizations deserve remarkable films. Check out Tom’s full bio for links to his podcasts, interviews and manifestos. Tom produces films with passion and purpose at Moving Pictures, a firm connecting companies and audiences through compelling visual communications.

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