Lenovo Announces Laptop with 13-Hour Battery

Not content to be outdone by the rash of ultra-marathon computers coming out of Dell [DELL] and HP [HPQ], Lenovo [LNVGY] announced yesterday that they'd be releasing two new ThinkPads, one of which is a 2.5 pound business notebook with a 13-hour battery.

That notebook, dubbed the X200s, will run on an a dual core Intel [INTC] Centrino 2 working with 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive (or 128GB SSD). It will also feature a 12-inch LED backlit display, ship with Vista, and should have WiMax functionality by the end of the year.

The X200s will come built-to-order with an optional nine-cell battery that, when combined with a solid state drive and running Windows XP, can achieve over 13 hours of life. The large battery tips the scales slightly, leading the notebook to weigh over 3 pounds when configured with the long haul battery. There is also a regular 4-cell battery for shorter periods of usage.

The other notebook in the X200 line, the Tablet, is a revision of a previous generation and will be 10% lighter than the previous iteration. It will also sport 50% more battery life, bringing the total to 10 hours. It weighs 3.5 pounds, and like the X200s, will be powered by a Centrino 2 processor and run a 128GB SSD and a 12-inch LED-backlit screen. 

The two models will be available in September and October respectively, and sell for $2242 and $2323.


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  • Dave Tool

    This is a very strong advance in battery life and it couldn't happen at a better time considering the mass shift from larger desktops to laptops to smaller laptops and now to thinkpads. People are becoming more mobile, more on the move, and with that, the chance to recharge their devices grows smaller and smaller. Battery duration is key. It is no surprise to me that the existing battery technologies will continue to see increases, however I'll be much more impressed when newer, safer batteries have this lasting charge capacity.

    Dave - http://www.toolsheduk.com