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Vertu Releases New Phone You Can't Afford

If you don't know of Vertu, they're a super-premium brand made by Nokia [NYSE:NOK] for their high-end customers. Phones come in a few enclosures, some encrusted with diamonds, some backed in leather, and all with personal concierge service and multi-thousand-dollar pricetags. Well, whip out your wish-list, because they've just come out with a new luxe phone.

The new Signature model now has 3G connectivity, WiFi — a first for Vertu — and a huge OLED screen. It also has a tweaked form factor, and now appears long and lithe, with leather backplate and a nifty turn-switch battery plate ejector thingie. While it's been officially announced just today, there's no price yet, just word that it will be available next month.

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